INDOGRIP Provide high-quality range of Pipe Support Clamps and Sheet Metal Components. Offered products range consists of Pipe Support Clamps, Metal Fasteners, and Sheet Metal Components. Using finest class material along with the latest machinery, these offered ranges are recommended by our customers for their easy to use, simple design, durability, and light weight.

Clamps are using to mount two membranes and it properly tight the both parts.
Type of Clamps:

1. Pipe Clamp
2. Structural Mounting Clamp

Pipe Clamps:

For any pipeline worker, there is likely to come a time where two pipes need aligning so that they can be properly welded together. In such situations, you require a pipe clamp. Pipe clamps work by holding two pipe sections together so that they can be carefully lined up, to allow for a clean welding operation.

The wide variety of pipe clamps on the market means that pipes of varying sizes and angles can be effectively aligned, ready for welding. This means that even for the heaviest duty of clamps, there is a solution available.

With pipeline welding, it is essential that it is carried out accurately so that a clean weld can be achieved, reducing the chance of a leak or crack occurring at the join. Pipe clamps make sure that a proper seal can be formed. When using the pipe clamp, you should tightly clamp one section of the pipe, then align the other section of the pipe, using either a pipe jack or lifting sling, before then clamping the two sections together.

INDOGRIP offer a wide range of pipe alignment clamps that are suitable for pipes of varying sizes. There are range of products includes manual and hydraulic line-up clamps. This means that there is certain to be a product to suit your desired application.

Structure Mounting Clamp:

Structure Mounting Clamp are using for mounting Pipes or other MEP services and ceiling from top steel structural Membrane. Here different type of clamps available such as Beam Clamp, Purlin Clamp, Purlin Clips etc.