Clevis Clamp

For any pipeline worker, there is likely to come a time where two pipes need aligning so that they can be properly welded together. In such situations, you require a pipe clamp. Pipe clamps work by holding two pipe sections together so that they can be carefully lined up, to allow for a clean welding operation.

Model No Pipe Size (MM) Pipe Size (Inch) Dimensions Upper Steel Dimensions Lower Steel Rod Size (mm)
IGCH028 20 3/4" 25x2.5 25x2.5 M8
IGCH035 25 1" 25x2.5 25x2.5 M8
IGCH040 32 1 1/4" 25x2.5 25x2.5 M8
IGCH048 40 1 1/2" 25x2.5 25x2.5 M8
IGCH060 50 2" 25x2.5 25x2.5 M10
IGCH075 65 2 1/2" 25x2.5 25x2.5 M10
IGCH090 80 3" 30x3 30x3 M10
IGCH115 100 4" 30x3 30x3 M10
IGCH140 125 5" 40x4 40x4 M12
IGCH168 150 6" 40x4 40x4 M12
IGCH200 200 8" 40x4 40x4 M12